Energy Committee

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The Wilton Energy Committee is a committee of volunteers that advises the Wilton Board of Selectmen on energy policy.

Mission Statement

Our main purpose has been to advise the Town of Wilton about ways to reduce the town’s energy expenditures. Our mandate includes analyzing current energy use, identifying opportunities for usage reductions, proposing cost effective upgrades to town facilities, and keeping the town apprised of improvements planned, underway, or completed. Beyond that, we propose to help raise the town’s awareness of ways to reduce our collective energy footprint, in residential and commercial as well as municipal contexts.

Committee Members

Name Title
Rick Swanson Chairman
Mike Anderson Member
Richard Kahn Member
Erwin Kann Member
Robert Keller Member
Andrew Finlayson Member
Glynn Graham
Alison Meltzer Member
Bridget Mooney
John Shepardson Member
John Zavgren
Randy Beers
Dodie Finlayson
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