Motor Vehicle Registrations

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Please bring your current motor vehicle
registration with you for ease and speed of transactions


What type of payments does the Town of Wilton accept?
The Town of Wilton accepts cash, personal checks, certified bank checks, cashier’s checks and money orders.  The Town of Wilton can now accept one check to cover the town and state fees, this check is made out to the Town of Wilton.

What do I need to renew a current registration for a vehicle? 
Please bring the current vehicle registration, especially if you are renewing a registration for someone else. According to NH State Law if you are unable to provide information about a vehicle to us than we cannot provide it to you. We can, however, accept your payment for that vehicle and mail it to the person listed on the registration.

I just bought a new car, what do I need to bring with me to register it?
All vehicles manufactured in 2000 and later will need a title and registration.  Please note that a title is a legal document and is required to be completed accurately and in its entirety by the seller for us to process your transaction.

  1. If you purchased your car from a New Hampshire car dealership you will need to bring the blue title application marked ‘Town Clerk’s Copy’.
  2. If you purchased your vehicle out of state you will need to bring the original title or certificate of origin, and a bill of sale.
  3. If you purchased your vehicle from a private sale you will need to bring a bill of sale and the original title correctly assigned by the seller.
  4. If you have purchased a vehicle that is older than 2000, you will need a bill of sale, and one of these three items; an original title, a previous NH registration for that vehicle, or a verification of the vehicle identification number.

How do I transfer my license plates from my old car to my new car?
You will need to provide us with the current/unexpired registration for the old vehicle, and the paperwork from the dealer/seller on the new vehicle.  Please note:

  • License plates are solely owned by the first person listed on the registration. You can transfer plates from the same name to the same name only, ie. John and Jane Smith bought a new vehicle and traded in their old vehicle that was in John’s name solely. When the new car is purchased it must have John’s name first so that he can transfer his plates and get the credit from the old vehicle.

  • If there is a leasing company involved you can transfer your plates as long as the lessee is the same as the owner of the plates.

I just moved to Wilton from another town in New Hampshire.  Do I need to change my address on my registration and driver's license?
Yes.  You will need to fill out a Record Change Request Form and provide proof of residency to have your address changed on your license and registration.

I have just moved to Wilton from out of state.  What do I need to register my cars?
You will need the following items to register and title your vehicles in New Hampshire:

  • ​​Proof of residency. Acceptable forms of proof include: a utility bill; a lease agreement (lease agreement must be legal document or notarized letter from landlord); or a postmarked mailing to your address.
  • Current out of state registration and original title if you hold title to the vehicle.  If you do not hold your title, we will need the full name and address of your lien holder or the lease agreement.
  • Current vehicle mileage.
  • Purchase date of the vehicle.

What types of license plates can I get at the Town Offices?

The Town of Wilton can issue the following license plates: passenger; moose/conservation; tractor; farm; agricultural; motorcycle; and trailer plates. We can also process your application for all available vanity plates. 

​We do not issue: antique car; veteran; commercial; pearl harbor; purple heart; dirt bike; handicap; or apportioned plates. These plates can only be obtained through the State of New Hampshire Motor Vehicle offices. Please call 227-4030 for questions regarding these plates.

How do I get a vanity license plate?
You can check to see what if the vanity plate you desire has already been issued in New Hampshire by checking the State's inventory at this website.

When you have determined it is available you can fill out this form and bring it to Wilton Town Clerk's Office.  We will submit it on your behalf and you will hear directly from the Motor Vehicle Department when they have a decision on your plate application.


State of NH Motor Vehicle Statutes

State of NH Motor Vehicle Registration Forms