Property Tax Payments

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When are property taxes due?
Wilton’s property taxes are due semi-annually each July 1st and December 1st

What period does the tax bill cover?
The NH tax year covers April 1st through March 31st. 

  • The spring tax is a prepayment towards the yet to be determined final bill and it is half of the prior year's total. 
  • The fall tax amount is determined by the Department of Revenue and the Wilton Selectmen reviewing the expenditures voted to spend at Town and School Meetings.  They then calculate what monies have been received from taxes, car registrations, state and federal revenue sharing and all other revenue sources.  The difference is made up by the tax payers in their fall bills.

What types of payment does the Town of Wilton accept?
The Town of Wilton accepts: cash, personal checks, certified bank checks, cashiers check, and money orders. 

What happens if my tax payment is late? 
The amount due will be charged interest.  Interest accrues at 12% annually and it begins the day after the due date noted on your bill.

My taxes are paid through an escrow account, do I have to forward my tax bill to them?
It is the homeowner’s responsibility to forward the tax bill to their mortgage company for payment to be made on time. However, major banks request tax-billing info from the town, which they receive electronically. Therefore, your bank may obtain the necessary tax information without receiving the physical bill. Please check with your bank directly for more information.

If there is a lien put on my property, how long before further action is taken by the Town?
Taxpayers have two years from the date the lien is executed to redeem liens, interest and costs prior to the tax collector deeding the property to the Town of Wilton. A series of mail notifications are sent to the homeowner at the last known address as part of the deeding process.

What is the interest rate if a lien is put on my property?
The interest rate is 18% APR for a property tax lien.

How do I change my address on my tax bill? 
Please put your change of address in writing, indicating both your new physical and mailing address.  The change of address can be mailed to: Town of Wilton, PO Box 83, Wilton, NH 03086 

I recently purchased my property in Wilton.  Will I automatically get my tax bill sent to my name? 
The Town generally sends their semi-annual tax bills out in mid-May and mid-October. It takes the registry of deeds some time to get property transfer information out to the towns.  If your closing is near one of those processing dates, please be advised that you may not receive your tax bill if it went to the previous owner on record with the town of Wilton. Property owners are urged to contact the Town Office to verify the proper mailing address on file.


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